Colorwiz Color Prediction Game
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Colorwiz Color Prediction Game

These days there’s a trend picking up heights, earning money online. Don’t you also want to earn money online but in a fun way? Then this post is just for you. You will simply be enjoying your free time or weekend days by playing games and earning in lakhs. Sounds like your type of idea? Then you might be interested to know about the game name. You have to sign-up for colorwiz to play games and earn money. Here you just have to predict colours. And, in return, the app pays you handsome amount which can turn into your side hustle. Not only this, but if you are in search of some sources where you can make real money then this platform is just for you.

With this post, we are going to discuss everything related to this app. How can you download it, where can you get it, what are several ways to make on this platform and many other details. This game is one of the most famous and useful apps because it doesn’t limit your earnings to playing games but you can use the invite code including several other methods to start your earnings. Let’s get to know more about it.

How does colorwiz app works?

Well, this app provides you several options of colours game, in which you have to predict the colors. If your prediction is correct then you will get rewarded money directly into your bank account. This game is same as Fiewin and Mantrimall where you get paid in return to your correct prediction. This app offers you user-friendly interface and easy to use. You can earn like ₹1000 to ₹2000 per day by playing games on this app.


ColorWiz App DownloadDownload Apk
ColorWiz Referral Code5W3H8PCM
Refer AmountRs.100 + 30% Commission
Minimum WithdrawalRs.130

On a boring weekend or just your free time from work, if you are free to earn some amazing gifts and money then this post is just for you. With each correct prediction, you will be rewarded with several prizes. There are are tons of games that offers you to earn real money.

The colorwiz in app has been designed for the people who wants to earn money from home. But they just have to use their brain power and predict the next colour if the prediction is correct they get paid.

How to download the app?

To get started with games, you have to download the app. But how can you download the app? Here are the easy steps that would help you to download the app. Let’s get started.

1- Open your web browser and copy paste this link

2- In order to install the app on your phone after downloading process is completed, you need to make sure that your phone settings allow to install third party app. Once the installation process is completed you can move to next step. What you have to do?

3- Go to the download section of your browser and then click on the app name.

4- Now you have to go to the settings and then downloads then allow third party installation.

2- Once the installation is done. Now you have to enter your mobile number and password.

3- Next, you have to enter the referral code and then verify it through your mobile number.

So, this is how you can download the app and start to earn money online. But first, you would have to sign-up with your registered account to this app. How would you do that? Let’s jump on the next heading.

Coolwiz app features

Here are some of the app features that would help you to take a quick decision to join this app.

1- It is totally free to download.

2- It is free to use.

3- It is the best revenue platform.

4- There are many ways to make money through this app.

5- It provides users with E-Let services.

6- This app provides you fast transaction and withdrawal services.

7- This app is available for Android and PC users both.

How to sign-up for colorwiz in?

It’s really an amazing platform which offers gamers to play games and earn money. However, it is a very good source of pocket money for students as well. Apart from that, if you are interested to get registered with this app, then you have to follow these steps.

1- First, you have to open the app in your mobile phone.

2- Now go to the login page, here you will see a sign-up button.

3- Next you will see sign-up form on your screen.

4- Enter your mobile number, email address and password.

5- Enter the referral code “5W3H8PCM” and verify it through your mobile number.

6- Click on Signup button.

So, this is how simply you can get registered with the colorwiz app and earn money.

How to refer and earn money?

There are different ways to earn money through this app. However, it is important that you keep in mind that you will get paid according to the time that you invest in this game. One of the easiest ways to earn money through this game is to refer and earn. Where you get Rs.100 for each succesful referral. Let’s see the steps.

1- Open apk on your mobile phone.

2- Now you have to use the login section and enter your registered credentials.

3- Then visit the promotion section.

4- Share your referral link with your friends.

And, when they register or join any game you will get paid of Rs.100. Isn’t it cool? You also have the option to earn 30% more on your 3 levels of downline. Want to know some more ways to earn money by using this game? Let’s jump to the next heading.

Colorwiz prediction tricks

Want to earn quick and more money then we have got you covered. Because this app has some working tricks that you can use and earn more money. As it doesn’t limit your earnings to just colour prediction games. Here are some of the tricks that would help you to make 2x or even 10x money with these predictions. Are you excited? Then let’s get started.

Get paid double of your investment

So, suppose that you have invested Rs.10 on a colour and that particular colour appears on the results then you get the double amount which is Rs.20.

One of the bright sides of this game is that you can play unlimited games 24×7.

So, to conclude this colorwiz prediction tricks we can say-

Winning= 2x where x is the investment amount.

100% money winning trick

Do you want to get assurity of your earnings? Then follow this method.

You need to make sure that you maintain 5-6 level funds 3x investment which is explained below.

Analyze colour trend- So, you have to analyse the colour trend. However, you will see that the game offers 4 different games they all are same only the name is different.

So, you always have to choose Only Red or Green colour. As violet colour always pairs up with colour red or green. So, you don’t have to select only violet colour. Apart from that, colour numbers are also useless. So, don’t go with colour numbers.

Colour Trend Type 1

So, here’s the strategy that will help you bag highest amount throughout the game. Let’s see the strategy.

If you see that the repeating colors are either Red or Green then select the colour that you see in results. Suppose that you see red colour in result then you have to select red. If you see that green came in result then select Green. This strategy will surely help you to win.

Additionally, if you see that colour repetition has stop then the trend has changed. You have to switch to Colour Trend Type 2.

Colour Trend Type 2

If you see that different colours are appearing in the results then you have to invest 3x amount. This is called 3x trick which we are going to explain from next line. Start to implementing 3x trick until you see your selected colour in Results. This will help you gain huge profit.

So, what exactly is 3x trick?

If you see that Red or Green is not repeating anymore then trend is not stable.

Now you have to select anyone colour among Red or Green again and again.

3X Trick = Invest 3x amount of previous investment, If result is not matched with your selected color.

Your previous failure will be covered with this huge profit.

What is the colorwiz withdrawal process?

Have you got a huge amount submitted in your colorwiz wallet? Then don’t worry because you can withdraw the money through these steps. Let’s get started.

1- Open the app and get to Colorwiz login section.

2- Then go to “Mine” section.

3- Now go to wallet section.

4- Now tap withdraw.

5- Add your UPI, bank account number, or any other details to get the payment.

6- Then click on withdraw.

So, this is colorwiz withdrawal process. This is how, you can easily withdraw your money through colorwiz app.

Colorwiz Amuzebox

Here are the different games available under this app. So, that when you get bored with one game, you can switch to another one and enjoy your time. Let’s see them.

1- Grow Castle

This is a defence game which revolves around protecting castle from enemy attack. You will see that the growth is on top and each of the floors of castle is having hero.

2- Epic Battle Simulator 2

It is your choice to choose your strategy such as troops and you have to place them strategically on the battlefield. You have to play against levels, custom and real-time multiplayer.

3- Art Of War: Legions

In this game, you are going to be the commander who has to lead the legions of tiny armies. Just accept the challenge offered on various levels. Also, you will get extra Rewards through bounty tasks. However, it is your army and you are the incharge.

4- Find the differences- Detective

There is a detective that asks you to solve some difficult cases. You will be assigned with some investigations and every level has its own Catch, Challenges, And Surprises.


Earning money is not tough these days. Thanks to the internet revolution and our smartphone through which we can earn money from anywhere and anytime. There are several other platforms that can help you to make money really easily. is a platform that helps you to enjoy your time and earn money in lakhs. The app is available for both Android and PC users.


Is Colorwiz app real or fake?

Ans- Colorwiz app is such a genuine platform where you have the opportunity to earn money by playing games. So, it is really working and genuine app.

Where is Colorwiz login page?

Ans- First you have to search Colorwiz on the Google search engine and then visit the first website. Then from the homepage, you will see a login page where you have to enter your email ID, password and mobile number. This is the easy process to get logged in with the platform.

How to contact the support team of colorwiz?

Ans- If you have any query or doubts related to this platform then you can easily get in touch with the support team by using this email address

4- Which is the official website of colorwiz platform?

Ans- In order to enjoy games and earn money, you have to visit the which is the official website of colorwiz.

5- What is withdrawal method in colorwiz?

Ans- You have to simply open the app and then go to Mine section. From here, you have to go to the withdrawal section. Here you can see the earned amount. Select the payment method from UPI ID, bank account or credit card.Type in the amount on the given space and then click on the withdraw button.

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