Fiewin Color Prediction Game
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Fiewin Color Prediction Game

Do you think that games are a waste of time? This post can change your thoughts because now is the era where you can play and earn at the same time. How? You are going to find the answer in this post. These days, it’s a trend to earn while you play and it feels like you are enjoying your time and earning for the same. Isn’t it amazing? But what’s the best game to play and earn? One of the most popular games to earn while you play is Fiewin, you might have hear this name floating on internet these days.

So, if you are interested to earn your pocket money or earning something after your office then you can easily download the app or apk which lets you play the game through mobile or PC. This app offers you Rs.100 right after you sign-up on this platform. And, there’s bot just one way to earn money but a bunch of ways to earn money with this game such as referral code, games and many more. With simple and easy withdrawal method, you get hassle free experience with this platform.

Are you excited to know about how to download this game, how can you find this game and how to earn money through this game? Then we are going to explain every single details with this one. Because, you can play it even with your friends, family, roaming around streets and anywhere that you like. Isn’t amazing? Let’s get to know every details.

Up Close with Fiewin Apk

So what’s exactly is this game? And how does it works? Actually it’s a colour prediction game where you have to use your guessing power and predict colour. In exchange, it pays you real money if your prediction is correct. Within just a few seconds of registration process, you get a ₹100 credited to your account as bonus. Fiewin App is an online playing platform where you can earn big or small amount of money just by predicting colors. Additionally, if your friends joins the game with your link and recharges of 1000 then you get 200.

Apart from that you can refer this game to your friends and earn money. According to a report, this game has 50 lakh users and approximately 9 lakh investors. Which makes it worth your try. Are you ready to try? Let’s move forward.

How to earn money through Fiewin game?

This game is much similar to joymall, daman, casino etc. And, these games are creating opportunities for students, unemployed or illiterate people to earn some side hustle. As you see that there are content creators on YouTube who makes money through ads on blog and YouTube platform. This game has some unique ways through which you can make money really easily. You just have to predict colour and numbers.

If you are searching for a way to earn ₹1000 daily then Fiewin Colour prediction platform is waiting for you. You even don’t need to have PC or laptop because you can earn handsome income with your mobile phone only.


App NameFiewin Apk Download
App Version6.3 (Latest Version)
App Size3 MB
App TypeEarning
Fiwein App Download Link

How to download?

This game is known to be the best colour prediction game as it offers you many of the plans and ways to earn money online. The game claims to help you make money at least ₹500 a day. The first step to make money with Fiewin Apk is to download it. Let’s see the process.

1- Open your web browser and visit the official website.

2- Locate the register or sign-up option.

3- Once you have done the process of creating account by submitting your mobile number, email and password. You have to visit the Fiewin Apk Download link.

4- You will see that the download process has started. Once it is downloaded, you can enjoy the game.

Make sure that your phone settings allow installation from unknown sources. By using this method you can download the latest version of this game. But, before you enjoy the game, you have to get registered to the apk. How are you going to do that? Let’s see in the next section.

How to get registered?

Here are the steps that you would require to get registered with app and enjoy your game. Let’s see them.

1- Visit the official website of Fiewin prediction.

2- Then visit the register button.

3- Now, you have to provide your mail ID, password and mobile number. Enter all of them in the given space and press submit.

4- Now go to “My Account”.

5- You have got your account registered with this game.

How to refer and earn with this game?

One of the easiest ways to earn money with this game is to refer or invite other by using your link and once they recharge or play games, you would get money in your account. Fiewin login gives you ₹10 on every successful refer. But how can you refer this game to others? We are going to explain it in this section, so make sure to stick around. Let’s get started.

1- Open the app and get logged in with your registered account.

2- Visit the refer my friend section.

3- You will get a unique link to share with your friends.

4- Copy this link and paste it to the place through where you want to send it to your friends.

5- Once you have sent the link, you get a ₹1 credited to your account instantly. And, once your friends use that link to join the game, you earn ₹10 immediately.

There is no limitations to the referral link but make sure to use it effectively. If the game get to know that you are misleading then your account might get banned. So, use it effectively and keep earning online.

Benefits of Fiewin App Download

Here are some of the benefits that you get with this app. Let’s get to see them.

1- It is really simple and easy to download this app. So, it doesn’t require any review process.

2- You can get any version or latest version of this app. And, it can be directly from the third party app.

3- This app will offer you archive in most of the versions and you are free to download it according to your needs.

4- Once the downloading process is completed, you will see that the APK file is saved on your memory card or system memory.

So, you can uninstall and reinstall this game many times as you want and you won’t need to download it again to play this game.

How to withdraw cash from Fiewin App?

You can easily withdraw the money through this app and spend it as you want. It is really simple and easy to withdraw the money by using this app. If you have earned your reward money and now you are eagerly trying to withdraw that money to your bank account. Then you are required to follow below mentioned steps. Let’s get started.

1- Open the app on your mobile phone.

2- From the app, you have to use Fiewin App Login section.

3- Now go to the withdraw option.

4- Add the UPI ID through which you want to receive the money.

5- You can easily withdraw your money, if you have atleast ₹31 in your account.

6- Keep in mind that you will have to pay a transaction fee of ₹0.30. So withdraw your money once a month.

7- Now your money will be transferred to your bank account.

So, this is how you can transfer the money from your wallet to your bank account and spend it as you wish.

How to make double earning?

We have got the secret fiewin tricks that will help you to make double earning on daily basis. So, that when you are not into the mood to play, you can follow these steps and earn money. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

1- Visit the app and open your dashboard.

2- From the dashboard, click on “Minesweeper” Game.

3- There will be a total of 16 Boxes. 1 box will contain 1 bomb.

4- Play with Just Rs.1000 Bonus. So what you have to do? You just have to open one by one every box till you have Rs.13 or 14 in your account.

5- Now you have to click on Stop and Get Bonus Button.

6- This will add the amount in your wallet.

Easy ways to make money on Fiewin prediction app

Here are the easiest ways to make money through this app. Let’s see them.

1- Daily Rewards

Those candidates whi are registered with this app, they have the opportunity to open the lucky draws and earn the prizes daily. By the 7th of every month, users get to open the treasure box and earn money upto Rs.1000. Once you do Fiewin App Login then go to the reward section. Now, you have to click on Check In button from the home screen. Finally click on the Check In button. The money that you earn through this, can easily be transferred to your bank account.

2- Task Rewards

After you have downloaded the lastest version of this app and got Fiewin registration done for your account. You have some opportunities to earn money through First Recharge, Learn to Recharge, First Invitation, Orders. In order to earn the reward task, go to the dashboard and click on task reward.

3- Invitation commission

One of the easiest ways to earn money through this app is Fiewin App Referal Code which helps you to earn a handsome amount of money. It is really to earn money by using this app because it has zero risk and zero hard work. So, what you just have to do? You just have to get the referral link to the friends and if they join this game you get real money credited to your account.

Even you are free to experiment with the methods to increase invitees because there are many of the people who are earning like lakhs every month by using this method.

4- Agent Million Cash Growth plan

This is the method for those players who are there to earn for long term with this app. Those players who makes a recharge of more than ₹100 can apply for Agent Million Cash Growth plan.

Some more ways to earn money with this app

Here are some of the additional ways to make money through this game. Let’s see them so that you can earn more money.

1- Free Rs 2 – Learn to recharge

You have to check the recharge help and answer the asked questions very attentively.

2- Free Rs 5 – First recharge

You get this reward once you have completed the first recharge.

3- Free Rs 5 – First invitation

You can recieve this amount once you have done the downloading process, Fiewin registration and purchase.

4- Free Rs 20 – More than 100 orders

You will recieve complete parity orders and dice orders more than 100 times.

5- Free Rs 100 – More than 1000 orders

Gamers will recieve complete parity and dice orders more than 100 times.

6- Free Rs 1000 – More than 10000 orders

Registered users will recieve complete parity order and dice orders more than 100 times.

Additional games

With the color prediction game of Fiewin, you get to enjoy your time with these additional games. Here are them.

Fast Parity


Andar Bahar






Fiewin game is real or fake?

Ans- Yes the Fiewin app is 100% real and genuine. This app can be used to play games and earn money.

What is the use of Fiewin App?

Ans- Fiewin App can be used to play colour prediction games and earn money online really easily. You can earn PayTm cash online.

What is the address for customer care of Fiewin app?

Ans- In order to solve any doubts or queries, you can connect with the support team through

How to unblock Fiewin account?

Ans- In order to unblock the Fiewin account, you need to connect with the support team available on Telegram or email them. Tell them about your registered mobile number and they will unblock your account.

Which method is used to get paid from Fiewin app?

Ans- You can transfer your earned money to the bank account through PayTM.

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