Meok Colour Prediction Game
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Meok Colour Prediction Game

Do you want to earn money by playing games? Who doesn’t want to earn money? You just have to predict colours and earn money like really easily. You will have to predict the colors from green, red and violet. The amazing platform name is Meok. It is such a famous earning app which provides real cash to it’s users. If you get some free time to enjoy games then this is the app for you as it offers you to make money by playing games online.

So, if you are laying down on your sofa on weekends and want to enjoy your time by playing games then this app is just for you. It is just not limited to playing but you can make money with this app really easily. This app offers you to earn ₹1800 just by their referral program, playing games, do surveys. Are you also interested to earn money by playing games? Then let’s get started. Because, with this post, we are going to tell you everything in details such as how to download the app, how to earn money, how to withdraw money, and any other details. So, let’s get started.

What is Meok app?

The Meok app is a colour prediction game, which lets you earn money by predicting Colors. This game is same as Fiewin and Mantrimall where you can easily earn money through predicting colors. You can win real money while you enjoy your time with your favourite games which are available at Meok in platform. You have the option to predict colours between Red, Green and Violet. Do you want to know on how to use and how to play this game? This app offers you several different colour prediction games and earn real money. You can easily download the latest version of this app by using below mentioned links.

It is one of the most useful apps to the users who wants to make real money. However, you have a lot of things that you can do with this app and earn for free. Let’s get to know more about this app.


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Here are some of the features of Meok in that makes it stand apart from the crowd. Let’s see them.

1- It is really easy and free to download.

2- It is absolutely free to use.

3- It is one of the best revenue platforms.

4- You get several ways to make money.

5- It gives you E-Let services.

6- You get fast transaction and withdrawal services.

7- You get bonus everyday.

8- It offers user-friendly interface.

How to download the Meok Colour Prediction app?

Do you want to enjoy the game? But don’t know how to get started? Then the first step is to download the app. Here are the steps that would help you to download the app really easily.

1- First visit the web browser and copy paste this link

2- Enter your mobile number and then password.

3- Now simply enter the Meok invite code and verify your OTP through the mobile number.

So, this is how you can easily download the app and get started with the games. But first you would have to get registered with the app. How? Jump to next section.

How to get registered?

It’s really amazing that you have decided to earn money while you play. This is why, it is important that you get registered with the app so that you can raise get started with games. Here are the steps that you would have to follow to get registered with the app. Let’s see them.

1- Open the web browser on your mobile phone and then visit the official website of Meok App Download.

2- Here you have to click on the “Mine” page and you will get directed to the login page.

3- Here you have to click on the Register button and you will see a registration form on your screen.

4- Next, you have to verify your mobile number with the OTP.

Once you have verified your mobile number, you can get logged in with the app. This will help you to choose the game and start playing it.

How to login with your registered account?

You can easily enjoy your game, once you have logged in with your registered account. Here are the steps that you have to follow to login with your registered account. Let’s get started.

1- Open your web browser and go to the official website.

2- Now scroll to the Meok Login section.

3- You will see login form. Here you have to type your mobile number and password.

4- Then click on the login button.

This is how you can get logged in with your registered account and start to play games. We have got some additional games for you to explore and make money. Let’s get started.

How to make money?

To get started, you have to download the latest version of Meok Colour Prediction app on your device. Now, easily install and launch it. From there, you will have the option to login or get registered with the app. If you are new, choose the create a new account option. Now, you have to choose the game that you want to play such as Gameplay, spin wheel, etc.

Keep in mind that the first session get started at 11am. You can register, recharge and then start your earnings. Use the above mentioned link to get started and you will get free gifts amount every Sunday. The gift amount can be anywhere between ₹10 to ₹10lakh.

How to refer and earn money with Meok app?

This app has an amazing features that offers you to test your game knowledge and skills. This colour prediction game is really famous and everyone enjoys to play this game. Let’s get to know the full Meok invite code process to earn money.

1- Open the app on your device.

2- Then visit the “Mine” section which is present at the right bottom corner.

3- Then go to promotion tab.

4- You will get a unique referral link. Copy paste it and share it with your friends or any other contacts.

On every successful referral, you will get some commission amount.

How to recharge Meok in app?

Here are the steps that you can use to initiate recharge through this app. Let’s get started.

1- You have to open the app and go to “Mine” section.

2- Now you have to visit the wallet section.

3- Now you have to enter the recharge amount and then click on recharge option.

4- Then provide your details such as name, mobile number and e-mail ID.

5- Now, you have transfer the amount by using the UPI ID.

6- You will get a six digits of UTR code that you have to copy.

7- Now put this UTR code in the app.

How to play Meok colour prediction game?

Here are the tricks that would help you to play and win the game. When you play the game, you can use 2.5x trick or you have the option to invest on your number. So, what exactly is 2.5x trick? With this trick, you have to increase your invested amount to 2.5x. And, there are a lot of tricks that can help you to play and earn money with this game.

Meok App Amusebox

Want to earn the double amount of your invested money? Then you can easily do that. Do you like the concept pf playing games and earning money at the same time? Then you can start earning with Meok platform with a minimum investment of Rs.10 that can give you big amount in return. This platform is exclusively developed for Indian users. And it is real easy and simple to get registered and start playing the game.


It depends on your time, the more time you invest in this app, the more money you can make. And, there’s not limit to your earnings. So, you can even make one lakh a day. Are you excited to download and start earning? Once you play the game and make earnings, make sure to tell us in comments.


What is Meok App?

Ans- The Meok app is one of the most famous apps to earn money while playing games. However, if you are interested to earn money while playing games then you can download the app. You just have to download the app using the official website. Once you get registered with the app, you have to just predict the colors. This is how you can start earning.

Is Meok app real or fake?

Ans- Meak platform is really genuine and real. This platform gives you opportunity to earn lakhs per month. You can easily withdraw your rewards through your bank account.

How to contact Meok support desk?

Ans- You can easily contact Meok support desk for nay query or doubts through

What is the official website address of Meok app?

Ans- The official website address for Meok app is

Which payment method is used by Meok App?

Ans- You can easily withdraw your money through UPI ID, bank account or credit card as well.

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